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Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing offers unique targeting abilities that are incomparable to traditional promotion and advertising media and is capturing the attention of marketers worldwide. Adoption rates of multimedia mobile phones are increasing, and more companies understand the hyper-local benefits mobile marketing offers:

  • Promote brand awareness through customized messaging and mobile interactivity.
  • Drive revenue-boosting behaviours through timely messaging.
  • Generate rich opt-in customer profiles, track tastes as they change, and define new market opportunities.
  • Conduct timely and relevant market research for improving products and increasing customer loyalty.
  • Create ongoing conversations with your target markets.
  • Effectively target lucrative markets (e.g. 18-35 years).

And these are just some of the benefits.

Our mobile marketing team offers the expertise to guide you in finding the best solution to mobilize your campaign and engage your consumers. Through Upside Wireless’ web-based MarketingSMS solution, you will be able to:

    • Customize your messages and ‘talk’ to your customers when you need to, knowing that your message is accurately presented on their mobile devices.
    • Automate the process of managing campaigns.
    • Create and view campaign analytics.

    Whether you are looking to start your campaign immediately, or are looking for your own dedicated short code, we have a solution - using MarketingSMS - that fits your campaign needs:


    How MarketingSMS Works

    MarketingSMS Technology

    MarketingSMS in Action – a Mobile Campaign Management Solution for Canadian Marketers

    You are ready to reach your Canadian customers and want to start your promotion campaigns today. With our already-existent 77777 short code, you can!

    To find out more please visit

    Looking for an alternative to Short Codes?
    We are aware that applying for, receiving, and maintaining your short code can be time-consuming and costly. That doesn’t mean that you can’t get your campaign running today. Our flexible VirtualSMS solution lets you:

    1. Harness the same functionality as a regular short code, but at sizable fraction of the cost.
    2. Begin your campaigns immediately using our web-based Marketing SMS solution
    3. Send messages across the global text messaging network, and avoid the complex process of obtaining short codes for each country your target markets are in.

    Find out more on how our VirtualSMS solution can help you, or contact us.

    Already have a Short Code?
    Upside Wireless also offers gateway solutions for your marketing campaigns. Contact Us for more details on this option for your campaign.

    Need a Short Code?
    Upside Wireless can assist in the application process for a Short Code for Canadian and US campaigns.
    Click here for more on North American Short Codes or Contact Us.