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Developer APIs

Upside's flexible two-way SMS platform enables enterprise customers to efficiently connect existing corporate applications to the global text messaging network. For your convenience, we offer three connectivity options: SOAP, HTTP and SMTP. With available sample code for Java, PHP, C++ and Visual Basic, you will be able to complete the integration task quickly and easily. For technical details please see here.


EnterpriseSMS API is used to incorporate SMS text messaging into your large scale enterprise application. Our SOAP interface gives your applications the ability to send SMS messages directly from your web site or network application. This method also supports full message tracking and exposes functions for your development teams to build sophisticated mobile messaging applications without requiring knowledge of complex telecom protocols. Click here for technical details.

Here are some of the benefits of our EnterpriseSMS API


With our HTTP API, you can collect incoming SMS messages from your customers and have these messages forwarded directly to your application using a common and secure HTTPS protocol. For example, you may be running a voting campaign where your customers send messages to a phone number and you collect and process this information. Click here for technical details.

How to Start?

  1. Create a new account with our service and then,
  2. Contact us to describe your specific requirements.

In most cases, you will be fully setup and production ready within a few hours.