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How It Works


A global music company wants to promote some buzz and excitement for two of their new bands as well as boosting sales of their CDs. To extend their reach to consumers quickly and effectively in several different continents, they decide to leverage their traditional print/ radio/TV and billboard advertising with a mobile element.

The Campaign

  • Through billboards, magazines, radio and TV ads, the music company announces the launch of two relatively new bands.
  • On the ads, a short code (eg. 66655) is presented.
  • Consumers are able to use their mobile phones to 'text' to it and are able to vote for their preferred band.
  • By participating in the vote, they are entered for a chance to attend one of the band's future concerts as well as winning other band merchandise.
  • Once consumers text to the short code, the music company is able to choose at random which campaign subscribers will win the various prizes or attend the concert. Winners will be notified by text on their mobile phones.

How Our Service Helps You?

Upside's mobile marketing service connects to all mobile networks and enables direct connection between each networks' subscribers and your mobile marketing campaigns. Running, modifying, and analyzing your campaigns is as easy as logging into your email account. Our application records each interaction participants in your campaigns have and makes this information available to you in form of raw data or reports. We also ensure that all interactions are conducted in strictest compliance with Mobile Marketing Association's rules. The result is that you get quality data quickly and easily form willing participants in your campaigns.

Obtaining the Short Code

The first step in implementing a campaign like this is to obtain a short code. The application process for a short code is regulated differently by each country. Upside has the necessary experience to fa ciliate this process quickly. This process involves network operators in each region in which the campaign will be pushed to gain their approval to use their networks. View our Short Code FAQs for more information.