Provider of text messaging solutions that enable businesses and individuals worldwide to communicate using SMS

Business SMS Solutions

Business SMS services are designed to fit the needs of small software development shops to large enterprise IT departments. Click on the section below that best describes your needs to find out more.

We realize that there are two main obstacles for businesses to take advantage of the SMS messaging network, the most ubiquitous and the most popular communications medium know to people. These two issues are complexity and cost.

  • Complexity comes from the fact that in order to connect to the global network one has to engage in a complex negotiation process with many service providers (currently over 800) in order to build a comprehensive network connectivity. Even if services are planned in only one country the prospect of dealing with 4-5 large telecom companies can hardly be swift and efficient.
  • Cost comes in two shapes: labor - your highly trained staff needed to complete both business and technical integration and technology - you need to obtain and maintain expensive telecom network equipment and software in order to be in business.

We solve both of the above obstacles by providing a hosted platform based on our carrier grade software, the SideWinderSMS. The software is hosted in a secure data center on a set of redundant hardware. This cluster of servers maintains multiple connections to all global networks, including all networks in USA and Canada and is continuously monitored so that the service is available 24/7.

Corporate SMS

For organizations that want to enable all or some employees to send and receive messages with colleagues, partners or employees. Our customers get an easy to use web interface that they can re-brand in own corporate colors. The application provides full management capability for an unlimited number of accounts, integrated billing and private, secure account access for each user. Full integration and policy setup can be completed within few hours.

Additional desktop applications that extend Microsoft Outlook or Internet Explorer are also available.

Developer SMS API's

Upside's flexible two-way SMS platform enables enterprise customers to efficiently connect existing corporate applications to the global text messaging network. For your convenience, we offer three connectivity options: SOAP, HTTP and SMTP. With available sample code for Java, PHP, C++ and Visual Basic, you will be able to complete the integration task quickly and easily. more »

Marketing SMS

This innovative solution allows you to run successful mobile marketing campaigns from an easy to use web interface. If your goal is to capture attention in a timely and effective manner, our mobile marketing solution makes sure that your branding and promotion messages are presented accurately on mobile devices. more »

Handheld SMS

You equipped your workforce with powerful mobile messaging devices such as Blackberries or Palm Treo's just to find out that the service provider you selected does not support international text messaging (SMS). Our service will help you maintain your existing service contracts while adding a centrally administered international SMS capability to all or some of your users. Without having anything to download your users will be able to send and receive international text messages quickly, inexpensively and securely. more »

North American Short Codes

Short codes are the carrier mandated mechanism for legitimizing SMS commercial and media campaigns, protecting end users against spam. It enhances consumer confidence by enabling opt-in programs approved by mobile carriers and have a track record of consumer sensitivity. more »