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Reseller SMS

Our solution helps you enter into the exciting international SMS business by providing a turn-key, web solution with everything you need to run a successful telecommunications business under your own brand

Telecom SMS is a private label, international SMS system that allows you to set-up, deploy and market your personally branded SMS business within a matter of hours and with minimal initial investment. As our partner, you are able to define your own target markets or provide this service to your existing customer base. By launching you own international SMS business you:

  • Promote your own SMS brand to the niche market that you know best - one other people would overlook or not know how to reach.
  • Customize your account control panel easily and quickly by uploading your logo and color scheme.
  • Use our brandable newsletters and other CRM documentation without having to create your own.
  • Run your own SMS programs for more ways to profit; simply recruit other SMS providers to purchase volume messages directly from you.

Value-Added Features for Your Customers

  • Calendar - Schedule important dates and times and have them sent as SMS alerts to your mobile.
  • Address Book - Keep the contact information of your friends and family in one easy to access location.
  • Forwarding - Have important emails or SMS messages forwarded to your mobile phone while you are on the go.
  • Reporting - Be able to create reports of which users have sent messages out and which ones have not.

Begin marketing your SMS business and sign up your own customers to earn a share of the billion dollar SMS industry. It's that simple!

International Coverage and Reliable Delivery

  • International coverage of 99.5% of networks in the world.
  • Over 99% success in delivering messages.

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