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Corporate SMS Alerts

Increasing mobility has limited businesses' ability to communicate effectively with their employees and customers. Most modern corporate messaging systems are built to reach stationary audiences, largely via e-mail. However, high adoption rates of mobile phones and popularity of SMS messaging provide an opportunity to extend the reach of traditional enterprise messaging systems and efficiently Inform, Alert and Interact with relevant individuals no matter where they are.

While the growth of mobile messaging over the last 5-6 years has been staggering and impressive, most of it has come from communications between individuals. A significantly larger potential exists in the area of CRM and SMS Alert messaging, where various business processes interact with mobile employees and customers.

Benefits of this solution include:

  • Seamless integration with existing company IT systems
  • Quick and easy deployment of an array of SMS applications
    • Alert employees to new company benefits or events
    • IT department can implement for alert notification of server downtime and network unavailability
  • Existing integration to 99.5% of networks globally means the ability to target all international customers to maintain effective customer relationship management
    • Alert existing customers of new product launches, discounts or promotions

Upside's hosted corporate SMS solution connects to an unlimited number of global wireless providers using telecom grade protocols (SMPP) or our proprietary network nodes.

Features of this solution include:

  • Provides a true global inter-carrier operability and creating a global, unified SMS network.
  • Allows redundant connectivity to some or all wireless networks and provides enterprise grade stability, redundancy, scaling and reporting.
  • Enables quick connectivity by offering several application programming interfaces so that our corporate clients can connect their enterprise applications to the global SMS platform within hours.
  • Offers interfaces to popular enterprise applications such as Microsoft Outlook and instant messaging systems.

Some of our corporate clients include Fortune 100 companies with employees scattered around the world while others are small and medium sized organizations with more limited geographic needs. The common thread for all of them is that they are able to extend important and timely information from enterprise systems to their mobile workforce and customers quickly and cost effectively.

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