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At Upside Wireless Inc. we make text messaging simple. Whether your needs are local or global, our easy-to-use mobile messaging solutions can help you integrate your communications for a variety of strategic activities such as marketing and advertising, communicating with sales people in the field, or increasing the level of your customer service.

With no software to download, getting a fully-integrated communications system can happen in a matter of hours. Our superior networking platform and established carrier relationships reduce your go-live time and drastically cut the costs of developing and launching your mobile messaging solutions. It is our mission to enable businesses of all sizes to use text messaging as an integral part of their communication strategies. We would love to be able to help you with yours.

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You need simple to use APIs that will enable you to quickly add SMS capability to your apps. Our no-hassle SMS solutions will:

  • Allow you to test-drive communication concepts.
  • Allow you to develop two-way, user-friendly, enterprise applications and deploy them globally.
  • Provide developer friendly explanation and sample code to accelerate your development
  • Receive SMS without short codes using VirtualSMS

TransitSMS is a service that enables public transportation organizations to offer bus schedules on their passengers' cell phones. Rather than carrying paper schedules, riders can get scheduled bus arrivals on their mobile devices. It offers:

  • Quick setup with no CAPEx.
  • Location based advertising.
  • New revenue source for transit authorities.
  • Location-based advertising for businesses
  • Bus scheduling for transit users



Our service provides a turn-key solution for all your Mobile Marketing needs. Through the readily available interface you can setup SMS campaings in minutes using dedicated or shared short codes or VirtualSMS numbers. You will be able to:

  • Start your campaign and control to who and when receives your messages.
  • Create text-to-win, voting or information campaigns.
  • Conduct market research that is timely and relevant.
  • Offer private label mobile marketing to your agency clients