Provider of text messaging solutions that enable businesses and individuals worldwide to communicate using SMS

Upside’s Advantage

True Global Two-Way SMS coverage

In addition to the ability to deliver messages to almost any mobile phone on the Planet, our service also provides two-way messaging using standard functionality built in all mobile phones in use today. Recipients of messages sent from our services need only to press the reply button on their handsets. These replies are then processed using our proprietary algorithm and stored in the original senders’ mailboxes. Two-way messaging encourages conversation and expands the use of our service to applications such as personal and enterprise collaboration, Instant Messaging and premium messaging. Furthermore, our service enables respondents to reply at local rates in many countries.

Strong North American Presence

One of the unique characteristics of Upside is our ability to provide true, two-way messaging to US and Canadian networks, with or without the use of Short Codes. Our established network infrastructure therefore plays a significant role in enabling our corporate customers to launch their mobile messaging services quickly, economically and without any technical constraints related to the differences in GSM and CDMA networks.

Dedicated Premium and non-Premium Local Numbers

An additional service Upside can provide is the ability to assign one or more premium or non-premium local numbers per user account (see more on VirtualSMS service). This allows our customers to promote a virtual mobile number and collect messages from their customers. For example, a dedicated virtual number can be associated with an account – all text messages that are sent to that number are automatically forwarded to one or more of the following:

  • User’s Inbox
  • Email account(s)
  • External application(s)
  • Another mobile phone(s)
  • Or any combination of the above

Proprietary Wireless Middleware Technology

Our solutions run on a messaging platform called SideWinderSMS

  • Continuously upgraded for new features, robustness and operating capacity.
  • Operated from a secure and redundant hosting facility with around-the-clock monitoring.
  • Flexible and is consistently updated by our experienced development team to address changing marketplace demands.

Multiple Overlay Network

Upside Wireless’ SideWinderSMS connects to an unlimited number of text messaging centers that allow service to function perfectly through a blackout of any one, or multiple, connections to any wireless operator. We use, for example, multiple routes to deliver text messages to any particular network which:

  • Enhances our ability to deliver messages
  • Increases throughput as more messages can be sent using multiple delivery paths.
  • Allows for messages to be delivered at the lowest cost as with all things being equal, priority will be given to the lowest cost path.

Multiple user and application interfaces

Access to WIS is provided by a variety of interfaces, each appropriate for the specific needs of the individual(s) or database(s) that are sending or receiving the text messages.

  • Developer SMS API: By far the most scalable interface to SideWinderSMS is the simple programming interface that enables any enterprise application such as CRM, ERP, e-mail server or any other custom made application or business process, to be connected global SMS networks quickly and without capital investment.
  • Easy-to-use Interface: Using any web browser, users can upload their address book and send and receive SMS messages.
  • Google Plugin: send and receive international SMS from Google Desktop
  • IE7 Plugin: Sending and receiving SMS has never been easier. All you need is Internet Explorer 7. You can even send any text or picture that appears in the browser!
    Instant Messenger application: Sending SMS from it is very much like sending instant messages through Yahoo IM, MSN or AOL.

No Downloads – compatible with all phones

Our philosophy is to provide access to information from any mobile phone. Our services can be used immediately with no special downloads or configuration. In other words, there are almost 3 billion phones today that can benefit from our services.

Experience and Expertise

We offer years of experience and thousands of successful client projects to ensure that all of the above advantages result in a best solution for you.